Friday, February 18, 2011

February 15/16 Return to Proud Lady

Finally the winter weather has subsided for a time and I was able to get over to Kentucky for a look-see at much needed work to be done. Proud Lady just a week earlier had been covered in ice and snow as Joy and I had ventured over there just to look at her since we hadn't been over in about 6 weeks. Winter isn't good on any boat left out in the weather but she's too big to go into any building at this marina.

During my two days I was able to get the new lift pump installed on the port engine. The old lift pump manual priming handle was broken and not of much use so a new pump was ordered after the trip down the river. Now, months later she has a new pump. I was also able to remove the old inverter as it didn't work according to the previous owner. I don't know how long it hadn't worked but it was totally corroded inside from years of just sitting. Had she been working the heat generated by the inverter would have kept the moisture out, but suffice it to say she isn't redeamable. A new inverter is in our future. I'll put off ordering one for right now but it will go on the list of needed equipment as we hope to do a lot of anchoring out away from marinas.

The biggest job of the two day trip was removing the carpet (affectionately called monkey fuzz by the marina folks at Starved Rock where we purchased the boat) that was installed on the aft bedroom walls. There was some damage to the wood below a window that is cracked, and being replaced, but nothing that can't be fixed in short order. I'll be going back with beadboard paneling and stained or painted to Joy's satisfaction.

I was able to get all the windows measured so Joy can start making new curtains. She has already purchased fabric and will start on that task soon.

Met new folks while at the marina. Joe the engine guy who gave me pointers on getting the lift pump out and Dave the "everything guy" who told me he works on everything but engines. I also met another boat owner whose name is Noel who is fixing his boat up to sell. He is out of work and on total disability. He was good guy and not bitter about having to get rid of the boat and said he had a good six years of fun on her. It is a nice little house boat. Not anything we'd want but nice none the less. That's it for this post.