Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Only 6 days

Here we are 6 days before we beging our trip. I have been back home to Missouri to visit with family since last Thursday, came home yesterday, all went well I slept in our real bed and took a real shower. The boat is stocked with groceries and supplies. Bill is working on last min. repairs to the electric and gauges. Todays weathter is cloudy. I have pinned on Pinterist 2 years of crock pot cooking recipes. Today we will finish gettting the dingy ready by painting the boat name and starting the engine then do a trial run . I will try again later to post pictures to the blog spot.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2 weeks before we leave Kentucky Dam Marina

Bill and I have 2 weeks before we leave! It still feels like a dream but here we go! This summer has been full of adventures and exploring here at Kentucky Dam Marina. I will try to upload pictures very soon.
Proud Lady is in the best shape she has ever been in since we owned her. We purchaced a different dingy and engine to handle stronger currents. Today we are doing some cleaning, changing oil.

It feels to me like its has been longer than a 16 months since we moved to Kentucky. Our plan to leave in 2011 was delayed by repairs to Proud Lady some because she is old some because she was damaged in the flood 2011.

Now about the name Sarayu sails thats because we had a sailboat when we began dreaming but when we seen the waters that we will be traveling WE HAD TO GET A BIGGER BOAT then we bought Proud Lady.
So here she is 2 weeks before we set out on the GREAT LOOP ADVENTURE.