Sunday, December 11, 2011

Looking forward to the dream, AGAIN!

Proud Lady is currently residing Kentucky Dam Marina. We were able to bring her over in September with the help of friends to share that grand day, Ken and Jennifer, friends, we met at Rottering marine, where we worked on Proud lady during the summer of 2011. Proud lady is almost ready to go on the Americas Great Loop trip! After the long summer of working on her, Bill and I have a new appreciation for our adventure and for each other. We worked side by side with many prayers and tears getting her ready to go. Lessons we are learning are: love one another, living on a budget, and all the skills of caring for a boat. We painted sanded, scrubbed, repaired, and waited not always real patiently for her to be restored. Proud lady does look beautiful she's sitting in the water. In October we have had the opportunity to go on a short day trip with my parents Denver and Betty Rauls, my sister and bro. In law Mark and Pam Stamps and my children. Proud lady ran like a beauty queen on a runway going up and down Kentucky Lake. I tried to up load pictures for you to see but I couldn't get this to work from the iPad. I have a really cute picture of Carlie watching for birds with her binoculars, and a picture of my daddy sitting on the aft deck watching the scenery. I also have a picture of our US flag flying that looks beautiful. So just imagine you can see them and smile. Again we are slowly and cautiously preparing our minds and hearts for the trip. For Christmas we have new books about the Great Loop to inspire and educate us both.
Our prayer is that we remain healthy, we grow spiritually, along with wisdom and knowledge for the journey. Love and Prayers, Joy