Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rivertrip to Paris Landing: the shakedown

Good Morning! July 24 2012 Bill and I did a shakedown trip to Paris Landing in Tennessee 50 miles. After 4 years of dreaming, planning, training, repairing and some tears Bill and I were able to do a rivertrip. On Thursday July 19 2012 we stocked Proud Lady and headed out on the open lake from Kentucky Dam Marina to Paris Landing Tennessee. Aprox. 47 miles. We anchored out in Ginger Bay beautiful forest green waters reflected the surrounding trees in 10 feet of water, deer came to the waters edge for a drink, frogs chirped several blue heron watched as we had invaided their dwelling place. The quiet was so loud that stress from working faded away. The sunset was gorgeous. Strange things happen while at anchor..... Thursday evening we hooked a home made fish attraction. Bill my hero skillfully cut it away with his hack saw and we were able to set the anchor. Friday we headed out back onto the lake another 13 miles we arrived at Paris Landing. We met up with a friend that we spent the summer with at Rottering while being repaired, Ken, it so happened he was having a family gatering a send off for his nephew who will be on assignment for the Marines. We were welcomed and enjoyed the food and fun with Ken's family.