Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Progress

You know those jobs that can make time feel like it goes on forever? Well this boat prep job is one of those. Here we are right in the middle of watching the bottom of the boat being repaired from the storm on May25th, when another challenge pops up......."Oh dear!", a leak in the fresh water tank. BUT we will be back in the water this month of July 2011. We just gotta remove the old tank and replace it with a new one. So we bought the tools and are ready for the task.
Bill and I read the book "Honey lets buy a Boat" by Ron and Eva Stob and made the decision to take this trip about 2 1/2 years ago, never did we realize we would go through some of the challenges that they experienced, what we thought was funny in the book is not so funny in real life. A wonderful cousin of Bill's gave some good advice and encouragement. He says, "we will appreciate the trip more since we are doing the work our self."I agree but I wish it wouldn't be so many challenges. We experienced our problems before we started the trip.
Proud lady is getting fresh hull paint and her teak is all shined up she will be so beautiful for the trip around the loop, the flybridge looks great, we will have fresh and healthy water. Thank you Lord for watching over us.
Here's an example of our day, up early, work till we are exhausted in the heat, dream of being on the water, take a nap, go to bed at night in borrowed housing, start all over again. We do take time to shop for boat parts and look for a job. Bill and I even took a trip to Evansville, Indiana to visit friends, its a beautiful city on the Ohio River. I had never been there before it was awesome. Again thank you LORD.
THERE is a silver lining to this cloud (besides all the rain we this year). Bill and I have worked our careers, continued education,and taken care of our home the last 10 years, until we were not as close as we could have been. BUT working together on this project everyday has been a marriage saver. Oh! but there have been times we clashed. And again, Thank you Lord for being with us!
I look forward to posting on places we visit and the fun we will have so please stay in touch.