Saturday, June 4, 2011

Proud Lady Breaks away

May25 2011 during a storm in the night Proud Lady decides she wants to go wandering. We arrived to the marina on Barkley Lake, Wednesday night she was sitting so pretty among a line of boats that were pulled into the channel to protect them in the flood waters.

Bill and I were so tired we decided to go back into town and get a motel room and dinner for the night. When we arrived back to the marina on Thursday morning anxious to move aboard or new home, Proud Lady was nowhere to be seen. Bill jumped from the truck and asked the marina employees, "wheres my boat?" They pointed down into the cove she had broke free from her anchor and floated to the end of the cove. Kevin another boat owner offer the use of his dinghy so that we could get to her. Arriving to Proud Lady we discovered she had her swim platform stuck in a steele drain pipe. She had bumped around the in the cove possibally bumping several mooring cells on her way down the cove.

She recieved moderate damage and was discovered to be taking on water about 1 gallon per hour. Boat US has been excellent and fast in compensating for her damages. She is in the repair yard awaiting her turn to be restored.

We spent a busy but wonderful 6 days on the water untill she was pulled from the lake, NOW we have to be land lubbers untill she can return to the water.

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