Friday, May 14, 2010

The fever for adventure- sailing the great loop

Here we are, our adventure will begin in 1 year 6 months.
Our plans and dreams began after taking an ASA sailing course on coastal crusing, safety, and basic coastal navigation the summer of 2009. In the winter months after the purchase of Sarayu our 27ft Hunter s/v, Bill and I learned of the Great Loop and began reading anything pertaining to the loop and sailing. We joined America's Great Loop Cruising Association and the fever began. For Christmas 2009 we purchased, as gifts, guides and began exploring the loop by book.

The Fever really hit hard when we read,"Honey, lets Get a Boat" by Ron and Eva Stob and viewing Bob and Mavis Duthrie's , "Great Loop Adventure CD." We were hooked.

We then attended the Americas Great Loop Association rendevzous in spring 2010 and was inspired by many adventerous folk who are in the process and planning their own loop adventure. We were awed by the women who cruised the loop single handedly. We now feel grateful and blessed for meeting people who we can call our family with the same destination and spirit for adventure. Now we really have the fever.

Our Sarayu is very cozy inside, the cabin just right for the 2 of us. Our galley is adequate but is simple right next to "roughing it". She has a full head-shower and vanity sink.

This summers adventures include: improving our sailing skills,
explore Kentucky Lake and share our sailing fun with family and friends while we outfit our s/v for our year long adventure.

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