Friday, May 28, 2010

The delay in adventure.....

Our friend we met in Myrtle Beach rendezvous, Mary Ellen, s/v Indigo Lady, gave us advice "look at challenges and problems as opportunities". No words could have been more encouraging than the day we set out for our first sail of the summer. Let me paint you a mind picture. 2010 the Tennessee River is flooded out of its banks, but we were two very motivated and stubborn people willing to have fun while improving their sailing skills, weather forecast calls for thunder showers for the day. Bill and I left Light House Landing marina about 10:00 am headed for a destination of about 20 miles up Kentucky Lake. Big fat thunderheads mingled with brilliant sunshine fill the sky. We stop the engine and raise the sails for the first time this year. Here we are sailing along just as tranquil as we could get but, ever cautious of the surrounding conditions. Several sailboats were already out on the lake and they looked stunningly beautiful. We were about 2 hours into our adventure of the day when a black squall appeared threatening us with thunder and lightening. Several of the other sailing vessels lowered their sails and were already headed back to the marina. Bill made the decision that we should also return, so the sails were lowered and the engine once again started we headed back to our slip at Lighthouse Landing delaying today's adventure, because of weather and lake conditions. The engine had been running rough all day giving Bill concern that something could be wrong but thinking it just needed a good run, we opened it full throttle. About a mile south of our the marina the engine sputtered then stalled. By this time the little squall was over the sun out in full force it turned out to be a gorgeous day. Here we were just sitting in the middle of the Lake. We could raise the sail or call to the marina, Bill called and we were towed. (Just a plug for our friends, Marty & Brenda Colburn at Lighthouse Landing they are wonderful people.)
Long story short the diesel fuel needed drained, new fuel, new fuel filters and minor repairs its up and running again. Lesson learned: part of the yearly diesel maintenance is to drain and add new fuel and filters.
So Mary Ellen's advice "challenges and problems are only opportunities" proved to be true and probably will prove to be true many more times as we prepare for and do our Loop adventure . I thank God for keeping us safe, for our looper friends, and for the folks at Lighthouse Landing Marina.

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