Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Naming Sarayu

This weekend June 5th and 6th were very busy for Sarayu. Sarayu means to stream or flow. The name Sarayu also represents the Holy Spirit in the book "The Shack", by William P. Young . Sarayu our sailboat received her name in a christening ceremony. Our ceremony was one borrowed from an Internet site which we read aloud, the ceremony was funny and consisted of blessing our adventures and casting out the old name TiKi (and any devils that were aboard). Then Captain Bill poured the nectar of the gods (Welches' sparkling grape juice) over the bow (not breaking a bottle because of safety reasons.) We sailed on Saturday most of the day late into the evening. Kentucky lake was alive with motor vessels, pleasure craft and sailboats. I wasn't much help to Captain Bill because I am recovering from surgery so I sat like the admirable princess Joy enjoying the ride. We drafted family my sister Pam and her husband Mark for crew and enjoyed the help and every moment. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment and thank God for His marvelous creation.

The engine repairs were done and all went well for this weekend. We look forward to the next adventure. Will we ever make it to our destination of 20 miles below lighthouse landing? How long will that take in our little sailing vessel with its small 9 HP engine? Wait and see...

Loop adventure still in planning stages. We may surprise ourselves with things to come.

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