Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting for a new engine in Paducah

Guess you were wondering what happened!  We have a broken  port engine, I came home to work.
Bill and I are doing fine we visited the Oklahoma family over the weekend and are just getting settled into our new place in Paducah.
I started on the tee shirt quilt....
Here are the first couple of rows spread out in out little apartment floor. I am trying to use to keep it in the order that we traveled but some of the colors have to be moved around to keep it interesting, we have to get border material from Hancock's fabric here in Paducah. I am planning to use something like sea green or blue so check in later for updates.
This morning we started ironing the interfacing to the back of the tee shirts and then we will begin cutting the blocks. 17x17.
Bill has taken an interest in learning to sew on the machine. COOL!
I am using our old burgee for the center block we bought a new one for Proud Lady.
Bill cooling by the pool.
FYI Bill has a lead on an engine so Proud Lady may be repaired soon so we will keep you posted
she is at Charleston City boatyard her second time this year.
Will post more later Love you all, Joy

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