Thursday, May 16, 2013

Isle of Palm to Georgetown - "Whenever we finish we will have a story to tell", says Bill. There ain't nothing that we have not been through.

Dear folks back home,
Just about the time we start to relax and enjoy something else pops up but we made it to Georgetown, SC. on May 15th 2013 about 530pm.

 This Morning Bill said, "we have to call Janice Cromer from the Great Loop association and tell her when we get through we will have a story to tell because there ain't nothing that we have not been through". So, you ask what now?
My captain very discouraged.

Let me begin by telling about the trip from Isle of Palm to Georgetown

As I have said before the scene changes daily. This is marsh country, we were accompanied by lots of dolphins and gulls today.

More shipwrecks or sinking ships.

This is nature at its finest birds are singing, dolphins playing flies buzzing.
There are beautiful stands of pines and a glorious smell of jasmine in bloom.
Its 84 degrees and so beautiful even though the wind has kicked up to 20 knots.

On our approach to Hazard marina in Georgetown, SC

Shrimp boat coming into their slip. There is a fresh seafood store next door.
Down town has shops bakery and many eateries. 

We made this trip today on one engine. The port engine Lucy the one that does not give us trouble needs work the large bolt that holds the harmonic balancer on was found in the oil pan. So, we called to the nearest working marina and made an appointment with a mechanic. That doesn't t sound so bad you say, well hold on. OK, we ranged speed from 4 knots to 6 knots depending on the wind and current. That's 8 to 10 miles an hour making our trip on 5-15 from 830 am Isle of palms to Georgetown 530pm - 9 hours long. The starboard (Ethyl) engine hiccuped a couple times and shook and rattled then would not engage in reverse when we arrived to the dock. It was ok we had lines on and snugged her in with the help of a dockhand. BOTH ENGINES OUT OF COMMISSION. Bill was so depressed and  discouraged, ready to give up, go home call it quits. He even called Mark Stamps to come get us. 
Then, he and I put on our walking shoes walked into explore Georgetown's historic harbor walk, we met up with other Loopers, Gay and Mike, Buddy and Phyllis it was so good to see them. We visited for awhile came back to Proud Lady about 10 pm. Bill was in a better mood. AND we have cable T.V.

Today, May 16th the mechanic visited most is not as bad as it seemed all the parts have been tightened up and snugged. We will be here for a week at least because Proud Lady will need pulled out of the water and the starboard shaft pulled to replace the coupling, check the props and etc. We will see. But, all is well. Will write more later.
Love you all, Joy

A Happier captain.

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