Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunken vessels

Today's blog will be different. Its about the sunken ships, lighthouses and unusual sights along the waterways. I love sharing these with you because they are some of my favorites.

This was not a sunken vessel but it is interesting.


This vessel is long and thin like a sailboat without a mast.


Abandoned boat

Looks like they have already replaced the sunken one with a different sailboat.

Past a beautiful row of houses this vessel sits along the bank just past their neighborhood..

It looks like it has been here awhile.

This is not a sunken ship but an old washed away pier.

Beautiful old tender.

The barnacles took over this ship. 

Too close to shore and the mast is already gone.

Stumps? Old pier?
The whole fleet is sunk.

Where do old ships go to die?

Boat barn

Lighthouse behind the dune they are there to warn ships to prevent shipwrecks.

Danger sign

This is interesting.

Real swampland

This shrimp boat may need work its leaning to the starboard

This vessel is different.

Sea Tow was towing this sailboat, the dog on the front was barking a warning.

Does these pictures make you want to know their story? What happened? Who were they? are the folks safe? 
Hope you have enjoyed these. Love you.

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  1. Beautiful photos Joy! Yes, they make me wonder about the stories behind them too. What an interesting waterway it is. Wish we were there traveling it with you. Thank you for sharing these! Love, C&B