Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ebb Tide- Charleston to Isle of Palm 5 14 13

The trip from Wando River to Isle of Palms

Ebb tide - the flowing back of tide as waters return to the sea.  May 14th we completed the repair on Proud Lady' windows at City boatyard and headed back down the Wando river. Our trip back to toward the sea past Charleston into the intracoastal waterway to make or way north.

Bill and I hung the new burgee because the old one faded so bad and was riddled with holes.
A proud celebration to start the second half of the journey.

The City boatyard with our wake in the background they said they were out of tee shirts so it will not make the quilt too bad because this is a memory not to be forgotten but, we have 2 ball caps. Whoo hoo!
Back into the harbor at Patriots point this picture had a good view of the USS Yorktown, marina and in the background is then Cooper River bridge is it a beautiful sight! I think you may be able to copy and paste this picture to see the detail better.

Fort Sumter stands guard at  the entrance of the harbor coming and going, to and from the sea.

As we entered into the intracoastal we were greeted by a hurricane sign. These barrier islands were flattened bu Hugo in 1998 so most of the structures are new since then there is a lot of commercialism and boating in this area.  

A light house. It is on Sullivan Island just outside Charleston.

The Ben Sawyer bridge is a swing bridge it is 31 foot so we did not have to call and ask for it to open the house in the center is wood and painted green, its so cute.
We made it just fine to the Isle of Palm where we pumped the holding tanks, then refilled the fresh water, took on 100 gal. of fuel. Then, straightened our little cabin, did 3 loads of laundry, showered and went to dinner at the marinas restaurant.
Sunset on the Isle of palms.

Another shot of the sunset.

The Restaurant 

After Dinner coming aboard Proud Lady its been a long day but we are so happy and ready to move on with the trip. Our plan is to do some anchoring watching the dolphins, and birds along the way or goal is to get to the Hudson at least by mid June. I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. Tell the grand-kids sorry no real fun pictures, just Grandma Joy. Love you!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! So happy to hear you are underway again and had a good day. Love the beautiful sunset photo! Hugs, Cathryn