Friday, May 3, 2013

The answer your question...WHAT HAPPENED on April 12th 2013 ?

There is insight to be shared with all boaters who travel here to Charleston from this incident.
1) The currents and tides and winds can be strong here in this part of the country. Called Ebb and flood. Average current 2-4 knots. Tide 6 to 8 feet. Its beautiful country with marshes, oyster beds and lots of trees.
2) Never be to timid to ask for more than one deckhand and or friends when docking or leaving a marina.
Although, with help we were swung back and into a sailboat pinning our boat to the sailboats bow  with its anchor in our windows.

Anchor through the aft cabin windows, April 12th 2013

Anchor being lifted out.

We enjoyed the stay at Charleston City marina they have great hospitality (and good coffee).
All the staff we helpful and courteous.The dock master gave us a ride to Lowes for plywood and screws to cover the broken windows until we could finish the reports to the insurance and recoup our bruised ego.
2 dock hands helped see us off the dock on April 17th 2013 along with friend/ fellow looper Paul on Memsahib giving moral support.

An example of mild current and waves in Charleston harbor in the bay when we left for the Charleston City Marina.
This is mild in a bay or sound.

It would be ideal if the weather winds waves and tides and the currents would be calm as glass when landing or leaving a dock but it is not to be if you want to travel.
Bill and I heard this quote more than once, "That's boating" and " People that never experience problems while boating never leave their slip." 
Being a local would help and having a lot of experience with your boat in and out of busy marinas, Lesson 1 - We will avoid being placed between boats when we know the tide and current are strong. Lesson 2 ask for an outside slip or anchor out more.

If you recall from previous blog around April 25th, Doug the carpenter was here and removed all the old and damaged wood stripping it down to the ribs.

The fiberglass man came and rebuilt the fiberglass April 29th and 30th

The plastic at the top can drop down to protect it from rain then we use our boom tent to cover the entire area. The dark blue you see in the picture on the sundeck is the boom tent.
Hole in the back under the steps has been fiber glassed it now looks like a gray area
While waiting, Bill painted the sundeck a nice sand color hopefully it will make the deck look cleaner. He says, we have to take our shoes off from now on to keep it looking good.
We purchased a captains chair for whoever drives the boat they can do it with comfort, mostly we stand while driving Proud Lady. I worked on the teak handrails and cleaned inside.
Bill pleased with the progress.
Proud Lades blue canvas can be seen on the 2nd row.
A picture of the marsh when the tide is in.
I don't think I took pictures at low tide I will do that for you so you can see the difference and the mud. 

On Wednesday May 1st we had planned a day out to tour Fort Sumter, but it rained and there was work on the boat Bill and I had a cleaning frenzy until we grew tired and the daylight faded. Our new found friends left around noon today from the boatyard headed to New York, they invited us to stop and visit when we get there, that is something we can look forward in our travels. What do I want to see there in New York? 

 Thursday May 2nd it rained we did not tour this day either, but we did go to Lowes, West Marine, Barnes and Nobel bought local information books and "How to survive Obamacare", Atlanta Bread Co for sandwich and read some in our books and then to Walmart for water and stuff. Our water supply is out in the freshwater tanks and holding tank is getting full Oh MY!. We will have to stop in a marina on our way up the coast although we have about another week here at the boatyard. There is no pump out for the tanks and no clean water here for filling the freshwater tanks.

Friday May 3rd the rain and wind gusting at 25 to 30 mph prevent much work today so I'm writing.

In this tree next home place to the marina is a tree house. Looks like a good place for a kid summer adventure. 

Will write more later, Love Joy

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