Monday, April 29, 2013

5 more cruising months....then home?

Monday April 29th 2013 I heard from a good resource that we have some of the best tourist/cruising ahead of us. We have made a friend here at the boatyard his name is Ray that has lived, worked and cruised this area all his life. Last night, Sunday April 28th I made italian beef, invited him over for supper we had a great time talking about adventures in boating, he pointed out some of the best anchoring in this area. We met some really awesome folks here although it was an unscheduled stop.


Fred and Elaine their sailboat Sea Mistress s from New York, New York They are awesome!

They're cat Sinbad the sailor.

The progress on the repair is coming along the old wood has been removed and today the fiberglass guy will be here to rebuild the frame and repair a hole.

Bill and I went for breakfast this morning at a local organic restaurant and market.
No surprise but, we really enjoyed the food.

In review so far my favorite places were the Islands I could have stayed there for a week or more.

Some of my favorite foods were Pizza in Stuart, Jan Holzworths' Lasagna, and all the meals we shared with friends along the way. I think the company makes the meal taste better.

These pictures are from the forest and beach on Cumberland Island, thick dense and beautifully wild.

Although we are on the Wando river its still beautiful most of the time even with the no see um's.

Well anyway, I will write more later when I see more progress of the window replacement. 
Love and prayers to you all, JOY

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