Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday in Savannah Georgia

We could have left today because the weather is so beautiful but we did not.
Besides I could not have taken the time to blog this to you.
Me giving Paula cooking advice.

St Johns Cathedral in Savannah, Georgia The outside was in the progress of renovations and so we took 2 pictures inside 
Beautiful Gold and green.

Just off the tour buss. April 7th 2013

Victorian homes.
 Crowded busy streets.

Bikes and horses with buggies offering rides.

Old oaks covered in moss that twist and turn, and shade the roads.

A few shots of Savannah it was hard to get too many pictures as we were inside a buss and it was moving but we tried our best. The azaleas are beautiful in full bloom and lots of color.
There are squares with parks in the center and old brownstone home, many many good restaurants.
It is a beautiful old city with lots of history.
So today is Sunday and we will rest. Love you all,JOY.

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