Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jekyll Island to Savannah Georgia 62 miles

Proud lady at the Jekyll Harbor Marina on March 31st about 2:15pm

This is the walkway in front of the marina
On April 1st we rode our bikes on the trail.This sign tells about barrier islands. It says what is a barrier island.

Our bike ride took us along the beaches of Jekyll that is the Atlantic Ocean

We made it to the IGA for provisions as we are planning to anchor out on the way to Savannah, Georgia. We took our groceries back to the boat and rested our backs and legs then set out to visit the historical area.
 The bike trail winds around in the forest area where the small ponds are home to alligators and snakes. We didn't see any but other folks reported seeing 2 large gators laying in the sun.

Jekyll Island's Millionaire's club and village it is still in operation and people stay there while visiting the Island.
The house above was made into a bookstore and gift shop I did buy a book about the area called "Lighthouse", by Eugenia Price (I cannot wait until I finish the book I'm reading to read this one.) 

The houses are set up to tour inside if you take the tour but we were on our bikes so we just enjoyed looking as we rode along the bike trail. 

Bill on his bike in the village

This is Faith church and is still in use. Inside there are beautiful tiffany windows the one behind the pulpit glows like there is a light behind it but the gentleman who gave us the tour said it was made with crystals and in layers that reflect the light from outside giving it a unique glow. We were not allowed to take pictures inside but it was gorgeous.

Gardens in the village it would be a great place to have a wedding.
Here is one of houses. I took many pictures of the homes and the architecture

I loved dreaming of living in this era in the early 1900's sadly around the Great Depression the Island closed. The state of Georgia and the locals now own and have restored the beautiful old houses.

Leaving Jekyll Island April 2nd we are cruising 26 miles to New Teakettle creek for the night. The picture above  I call "leaving Jekyll behind", It really is a good place to visit and I am so glad we had this opportunity to see this part of history. You will have to read about it at

We seen this lighthouse about St Simons Island. There are a lot of Inlets where we see the Atlantic ocean.

Lots of sea grass flat marshes and gulls following Proud Lady.

Our anchorage at Teakettle Creek peaceful we can hear birds and water and smell clean fresh air and oh yeah, there are a few bugs I sprayed lots of bug spray on our screens because the "no see um,s" bite hard.

The sunset at the New Teakettle Creek anchorage. I made a delish meal for dinner of dirty rice, green beans and cornbread the oven felt good and warmed the cabin as there is a chill in the air tonight. We slept very well.

Leaving the anchorage on April 3rd with overcast skies and itsthreatening to rain. I did not rain until we were secure in harbor at Morning Star marina, Savanna Georgia 

One of the highlights of our day we passed through "Hell Gate" a narrow, shallow passage with swift tides and currents subject to shoaling, between the Ogeechee river and Vernon River expecting the worse and increasing our anxiety, we prayed up and went through unscathed. Take that gates of Hell!

Then, we peacefully passed by the Isle of Hope, big fishing vessels and Big beautiful houses along the river.

 Sorry it took so long to write you about our trip. We are doing well. We have plans for Savanna, and will let you know about them later. Miss you all Love you so much, Joy

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