Monday, April 15, 2013


There is a lot of history in Charleston, SC
Fort Sumter is in this area. We have not seen it yet. I think that would be interesting.
Right in the middle of the city are many cemeteries surrounding the churches.
These gas lamps burn all the time on most of the porches. The porches here are on the sidewalk not big like in Beaufort but there are cute cozy courtyards with fountains.
Wet Willies serves frozen daiquiris of all flavors, you can pour them yourself its like the 7-11 drink fountain for slushies, interesting but, we did not go in. 

This door knocker reminded me of the movie "Scrooge".

On Sunday I posted a few pictures but did not share what happened to us on Saturday April 13th but, be patient I will post it later and it will go down in Proud Lady history.

Sunday, April 14th Bill and I walked about a mile to a little convenience store bought water to drink on our way back to Proud Lady it was a good walk we needed the exercise. Proud Lady is sitting in the marina at Charleston City marina on the mega yacht dock. This huge yacht was across from us. 

We walked a mile back  to the dock then got aboard the van into town for a real grocery store, Harris Teeter to stock our supplies. 

Later,we enjoyed the gatherings known as "docktails".
Other Loopers here are "Memsahib", Paul and John a father and son doing the loop before John goes off to college. "Blue Heron", Barb and Craig they will be finishing their Loop soon. Lolly and Jeff on "Not so fast".  All these folk are known as LOOPERS which make up our little looper family.

Those who have left already were Allyn and Mark we enjoyed a wonder shrimp scampi with them on Friday evening. Allen is awesome she is a quilter she is appliqueing beautiful flowers on her quilt blocks. Mark is so funny he made us laugh and the evening passed too quick.
"Prime Time", Larry and Carol we met back in Joe Wheeler, then had dinner with them in Mobile. They are heading north to catch a flight home before they return to the rondevu in Norfolk.

It rained last night we slept very well.

Now, today is Monday we are waiting to see what this day brings.
Will write more soon ...Love ya, JOY

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