Friday, March 29, 2013

St. Augustine to Sisters Creek

Good evening! Today is March 29th and we are heading up the East coast. The weather could not have been better for cruising the Atlantic ICW, sunny about 72 clear, calm smooth water and blue skys....ummmmm.
One last picture of St Augustine as we head toward the Atlantic about 930 on Friday.
This is the view of the fort from the water. Our stay here was very good. More Looper friends caught up with us and we enjoyed visiting with everybody for docktails on Thursday evening. But let me tell you a little about St. Augustine first. Bill and I had a couple of opportunities to stroll the streets and see the sights. We had very good food at a couple of unique restaurants  The Picture above is Castillo de San Marcos National Monument built in 1672 by the Spanish. St Augustine was founded in 1565. The architecture in the whole town is amazing.
Motes and drawbridges.
Watch towers.

Bill and I did not go into the fort it was pretty crowded with lots of people with children because of spring break. 
This sigh tells about the living coast and is posted on the grounds.
Colonial St Augustine has a walking tour.
Kind of sad to say but the area is very commercial there are even businesses in the old houses.
This is a coffee shop.
This is a cannon in front of the old church.
Flagler College.
This building was interesting but pictures cannot describe it I cannot even begin to tell you all the decor here. Its pink with mosaic tiles of blue and ornate doors and windows. 
 I loved the charm of the old town.
Even the windows are cute.
These 2 guys were building wooden boats from this pile of wood here in the foreground. 

On Thursday about noon we walked across the lions bridge with Craig and Barbra from Blue Heron and ate at O'steens there was a 40 minute wait to be seated so... 

Everybody checked mail! Then, we ate the best fried shrimp. I had BBQ pork. We enjoyed hearing about their Loop adventures.

Ok! so enough of telling about our visit to St Augustine this is the Atlantic Ocean we turned north in front of this small island beach and headed up the AICW  

In the inlet the water was swirling in great big swirls I tried to catch one for you before our wake from Proud Lady messed it up. 
Waters at St. Augustine Inlet 

The scenery between the St Johns River and St Augustine is very flat and swampy, we passed several fishing boats. Passed under 7 bridges.

Dolphins racing Proud Lady

This beautiful home near Palm Valley 
Palm Valley Bridge then the Beach Blvd. bridge then the Atlantic Blvd bridge then this next bridge was like opening the gate to fast water.

As we neared the St. Johns River the current picked up it looked like currents were pushing the boats under this bridge. Proud Lady picked up speed I think she loved the pace, as we sped about 9 knots instead of the 6 we usually travel. The Tolomato River enters into the St John's we were a little anxious about watching the markers and traffic I helped Bill navigate across into the Sisters Creek.

Here are some of the big vessels that travel this area the inlet into the Atlantic is to the East.
But we made it just fine. Dropped the anchor.
We set the anchor and watched the tide go out. The moon has been full and the tides are like 6 to 8 feet high to low. It amazes me how the tides and moon works together. 
In the sky above the us in front of our anchorage is a blimp.
It says U.S. Navy I bet I have at least 10 pictures of the Blimp.
It dropped so low the crab pots were out of water.
Bill and I enjoy sitting on the sun deck before supper. I made steak, potatoes and muffins. The trip today was very uneventful but so beautiful, it took us a little bit to wind down after a day of cruising but tomorrow we are heading to Cumberland Island so I hope to share more with you all again. Love you lots, Joy

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