Friday, March 1, 2013

Hanging around

This morning I had the pleasure of sharing our recent cruise with another Looper- Darrell and Lisa on Why Not, it made me remember the what fun we had in February cruising on Proud Lady...thinking made me recall the  times we had. Now, Bill and I have had our portion of problems so I don't always share them in the blog, BUT we are still hanging in there and cruising our dream to do the Great Loop.
Its a new month March it promises new exciting stuff for our future!

We never know whats going to happen day to day, or on the water and the sights change every time we cruise. Daily we have challenges that we have to work through, we have learned to be patient with each other during these challenges. 
After the trek across the Okeechobee and a week in Stuart. February 10th to 22nd. Jan and Jim Holzworth picked us up from the marina on February 23rd, we spent the night with them in their beautiful Florida home.
Jim gave us the tour of their community and some history of the town of Oakland.
Those 2 are not breaking in they are snooping in the old town hall.
Here we are at Lake Apopka.
The Oakland town circle.
Jan is a wonderful cook, we had home made lasagna for supper and the next morning we ate gravy and biscuits. 
We had a awesome time and had a day away from the boat.
These 2 pictures are from the Lake in Oakland. Jim and Jan brought us back to the boat so we could get some much needed cleaning on Proud Lady.
On Tuesday February 26th after a couple of days cleaning Proud Lady, working on her starboard engine and doing  laundry, scrubbing and bleaching Proud Ladys' V berth room in hope of having company aboard. Bill and I met with Jim and Brenda they live here in Florida, Bill was in Okinawa with Jim it has been about 40 years since they saw each other, they have kept in touch over the years by phone and e mail. We had a great time. Together we visited the huge Ron Jon's and ate at the Outback in Cocoa Beach. Jim and Brenda are great folk and we will spend more time with them next week.
On the 28th Bill and I visited the downtown old Cocoa village so I will post more about it later. Love you, JOY

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