Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stuart to Cocoa Florida

After a week in Stuart

Bill and I decided to move on up the east coast to Cocoa Beach

Stuart is a beautiful city with a very busy marina, we enjoyed visiting with Anna and Jim Daub there. Jim and Anna make their winter home in Stuart and they are a very delightful couple. They were very informative about the area. Our admiration for them began at Kentucky Dam Marina, they are experienced in traveling the Tenn-Tom and have traveled the Great Loop many times.

While there in Stuart Bill and I walked the boardwalk enjoying the views, there are many cute shops including 2 ice cream and chocolate shops. 
We unhooked our lines from the mooring ball about 8:00 am pulled over to the fuel dock, pumped out our holding tank and filled up the water supply ready to cruise. It will take 2 days to get to Cocoa Beach, Our destination is for Cocoa Village Marina. The picture above is our first look at the Atlantic Ocean to the east, but we turned north and headed up the Atlantic intracoastal waterway.

Our first night was on the "hook" because the first marina of choice was being dredged and the second was full with no slips available.
Our anchorage near a bridge. This is the only time Bill will get me to sleep under a bridge! He used to tease me about if we did not work we would be living under a bridge...we don't work so here we are.
Actually it was very peaceful, there was a park nearby. The highway traffic calmed and the night was quiet. Both Bill and I slept pretty fitfully because of checking our depth and the hold on our anchor. PROUD LADY did well she did not move neither did the anchor. We should trust just a little more.
Here is the night view.

In AICW is riddled with many small islands and barrier islands separating us from the Atlantic ocean. One of my favorite things to take pictures about is shipwrecks. This one looks fairly new in the last couple of years..could it have been a hurricane or operator error that sent her to shore?

The clouds this morning are simply beautiful and there are lots of sailboats out today.
The water is a gorgeous aqua blue. Playing next to Proud Lady are many dolphins and I seen 2 sea turtles, sorry there are no pictures of the turtles, just a beautiful memory.
Sailboats on mooring balls

This family is enjoying a picnic on a barrier island.
Hope you enjoy this part of the trip. I will write more later...Love JOY

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