Monday, February 11, 2013

Wrong Turn In a Great spot

LaBelle to Clewiston 

In the Okeechobee waterway

This was our anchorage a free dock in LaBelle on the first night after leaving Ft Meyers. There was a sailboat at the dock when we arrived and the guy from the sailboat helped us tie up, because of the current and wind on Sunday he advised us to drop both bow and stern anchors to keep from drifting.
He is on his way home to Maryland, he is out of supplies. I made him supper for helping us. He was very grateful.

Proud Lady was anchored in this rustic but very pretty corner in the right side of the picture. Bill and I slept very well that night, then got up early, pulled up the anchors and headed to Clewiston our 40 mile destination for today.

Most of the waterway today was trees, grass houses.....etc every day has a different scene and feel. Not much to see but we enjoyed the ride Today was extra quiet compared to the city noise and marinas we have visited the last few weeks.
The engines are running well, not much boat traffic....Life is good!

This water hyacinth reminded me of the Tenn Tom waterway 

An abandoned boat makes you wonder what its story is.

We passed the town of Moore Haven, went through the Moore haven lock and dam then entered into a very swampy area

This is an open RR bridge near Moore Haven, I don't think it has seen a train in a long time.

Not much to see today it was quiet and peaceful, birds singing a couple of gators sunning themselves.
About 3:30 pm we see the route that takes us across the Okeechobee Lake but we had agreed earlier to anchor out for the night near Clewiston. The left turn takes you to the Lake route, the right turn takes you to the little town of  Clewiston, we turned right and What a surprise! The lock was open we drove through entered into the town bay to discover a very narrow channel and Roland Martin Marina and Tiki bar. The dock master called "Little Man" quickly tied us off gave us information and made us feel at home. This little man was featured in Yachting Magazine 2004 for "the best dock master in the world". Little Man can whip the lines around the cleat in a flash. He is known for taking very good care of his boaters and boats. Bill and I did not expect to be in a marina tonight but here we are. If you are like me I believe things happen for a reason, you know God dose not make mistakes. He leads us to the right time right place to meet new folks and make new friends.   
More later, Love JOY

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