Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ft. Meyers to Caloosahatchee River to the Okeechobee

February 7th to Feburary 10th

This was a fast weekend. Bill and I arrived in Ft Meyers Legacy Harbor Thursday February 7th.
You are not going to believe this but the starboard engine quit again on the way from Cayo Costa Island. Bill spent most of his time below working on her and missed some of the scenery. When we arrived to the harbor, the harbor master helped us in and tie up. Bill immediately set out to find a parts store and walked a couple of miles to get new gas line hose (currently the engine has copper fuel line) He is fed up and is changing all the lines to rubber hose. Just a snippet here about Ft Meyers history, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had homes here, they were instrumental in the production of rubber to make tires for Henry Fords cars that made them friends with Harvey Firestone. The hose purchased and copper lines replaced along with a couple of calls to Bills mechanic friends for consultation, Ethyl the starboard engine is once again humming to the tune of an ole' trawler blues. SHE'S RUNNING!

I thought this would make a great picture - pelican on pilings.
This is Cabbage Key a cute little Island between Cayo Costa and Ft Meyers.

On our way to Ft Meyers we traveled through what is called the Miserable Mile.
It got the name because you have to cruise at very slow speed or idle speed and there are hundreds of boats this picture didn't do the name justice.

Saturday February 9th FUN DAY! We met up with Nancy and Randy S. they are 

High School friends of Bill and his sister Karen.
They travel in they're motor home every year to Florida.
Randy and Nancy were great folks, they took us to Wal-mart to stock up on supplies, then we went to a awesome citrus fruit store then to their little home and enjoyed the afternoon snacking. Nancy and I swam in the pool while Bill and Randy walked the RV park. They checked out Randy's fishing spots. On the way back to the boat.
We stopped for pizza at RonDao's, Bill and I love pizza. On the way back we were able to see the historical homes of Edison and Ford from the window of they're little car. Ft Meyer streets are lined with palm trees from Ft Meyers beach to downtown Ft Meyers, so beautiful even at night. Nancy said, the trees were the idea of Edison's, he was genious! 

February 10th our cruise to LaBelle on the way across Florida via Okeechobee

This waterway is very scenic with beautiful homes and estates.
Except for this dilapidated pier.
Sunken ship
There cows here.

And lots of groves of oranges.
Bill and I arrived in Labelle, Fl, about 330 pm another guest here at the city dock helped tie us safely to the dock. We enjoyed a supper of hamburgers and slaw on Proud Lady.
Today was beautiful, the engines ran well, Its Brittany's Birthday she is 10 years old this year and I spent time texting with her on her new phone. What a wonderful life!
Well so long I will write more later, Love you- JOY

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