Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Great day of Crusing


I Love You

Lake Okeechobee crossing 2- 12- 13 
This lake is a very large but the day was beautiful calm and sunny.
Bill and I left the marina at Clewiston headed out across the lake about 830 am and except for a few fishing boats we did not see any other boats. 
There was this concrete structure.
After about 3 1/2 hours we neared the Port Mayaca lock and dam.
We arrived about noon,there were divers in the lock so we tied to the dolphins, I thought this would be nice we can make sandwiches, but  no sooner then we got tied the lock was ready. 
We met the divers and lock-master inside and exchanged greetings. We were now in the St Lucie River.
The scenery in this canal was wildly beautiful, more cows, sugarcane fields some beautiful homes and an occasional fishing boat or kayak.
Birds, alligators and water pipes and pumps are frequently seen. We only had about 11 miles to travel until our next planned stop WHEN what the heck! Our starboard engine died AGAIN! 
Our anchorage near a campground at the St Lucie Lock.

On our approach Bill called the St. Lucie lock poor Bill was so tired and frustrated about the engine he asked the lock-master if we could tie off at the " penguins" for the night......there was dead silence. He then quickly corrected himself and asked if we could tie up at the dolphins, permission was granted by the lockmaster. I bet that man had a good laugh cause we sure did. ANYWAY here is a picture of the river above you can see a dolphin near the right side edge of picture they are 16 inch round post tied together with cable, shaped like a pyramid with huge cleats to tie up to. Bill and I fixed a quick meal of toco salad and sat on the bow of Proud lady watching the local school practicing with kayaks and racing up and down the river. I did not take a picture.
St Lucie Lock and a picture of the dolphins. There are thousands of birds flying over the lock.

The sunset over the trees at the anchorage.
Bill sitting on the bow charting in Proud Ladys logbook.

February 13 our arrival at Stuart, Florida

There are not any pictures to post about Stuart. Our cruise today was short we left our anchorage at St Lucie Lock inside these locks Bill had to leave the helm and hold to the stern, I held the bow line. Bill talked with the lockmaster, then a diver we had seen yesterday at the Port Mayaca lock walked had a up and complemented Proud Lady, the drop is 13 feet. St Lucie river is very pretty there are more homes that line the waterway. In Stuart the wind kicked up, we found the marina and were assigned to a mooring ball. 
I will write more later about this adventure with our first mooring ball. Love ya all, Joy

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