Monday, February 18, 2013

Mooring or Lessing in Stuart

Feb 14th to the 18th

This is a mooring ball on the day we came into Stuart we decided to stay on a mooring ball (mostly to save money) doing this is kind of exciting. On our arrival the wind decided to kick up and it took me 2 attempts to catch rope. It was heavy and slimy with green goo. Once I caught the ball between the wind and waves, Bill left the helm and helped me to tie it up as instructed by the dock-master.
 Bill and Joyce from Carried Away are here so we planned to eat out tonight with them. Also at this stop we have friends from Kentucky Dam marina Anna and Jim Daub. Anna gave us recommendations for restaurants nearby we ate at Duffy's then walked around the little shops of the town of Stuart. OK so now if you have heard of the Great Loop and read books many authors say, "it has a great ice cream store", well this city does, it has a great ice cream store.
These are our neighbors here on the mooring ball. The big ships owner is planning a trip across the Atlantic toward England. I am showing here in this photo his example of attaching to the mooring ball. He has a mooring harness. 
Our first couple days 15th and 16th  here it rained and blew Proud Lady swung back and forth then bounced up and down, as she was directed into the wind. Friday the 15th was Carlie Grace Birthday she called and made my day. I also walked into town for a haircut, there I met Kim the master-cutter  My hair looks wonderful it has been about 2 months since it was cut. On Saturday the 16th we made it into the marina in our dinghy and caught the bus to Walmart by the afternoon the wind and waves were too strong to get onto shore we stayed out on Proud Lady. On Sunday the 17th woke up to very high winds and waves with white caps but by afternoon the sun came out we were able to leave the boat climb into our dinghy, go ashore do 2 loads of laundry and took a walk in the park. We needed the walk. 
Sunsets are very beautiful here in Stuart, this one faces the intracoastal waterway as the sun sets in the west. The yellow buoy marks the mooring field.
Today is Monday and we will dinghy into the marina to shower. Whew! The days go by so fast even when we don't have much to do ...time passes so fast. Sorry I haven't written sooner I have been productive and pieced blocks on the quilt I am working on. Will write more later. Love You, JOY

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