Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finally leaving Dog River and our arrival in Florida!

News Flash!.....We finally left Dog River Marina in Alabama! Friday November 30th we departed Dog River. They are great folks but we were ready to continue the trip. But, let me tell you about this week it whizzed by in a blur of activities... We began this week visiting with friends of Bill's from Rochester High in Illinois.
Jim and Cindy they are retiring from work in Alaska and on their way to visit family in Florida.
We had breakfast at I Hop and visited until noon it was wonderful!
It had been 13 years since Bill and Jim visited.
Then the mechanic came on early Monday morning for the sea trial of the engines. Proud Lady did not pass and we had to wait for more parts to arrive.We did not do another sea trial until Thursday evening. Meanwhile, we had a gathering of all loopers who were getting work done at Dog River Marian and Turner Marine. We all ate dinner at Mobile Yacht Club it was a full house, with all our friends 

Walking home that night we noticed that there are sailboats decked in Christmas lights.

Thursday finally arrived and Proud Lady passed her sea trial. Bill and I prepared Proud Lady for departure on Friday November 30th. Friday ws beautiful sunny and clear, we are heading to Florida.
This next pictures are of dolphin escorts, they lead the way across Mobile Bay.
The trip acrosss the bay was uneventful and I took a nap. There were John Wayne movie type clouds in the sky.
This is a picture of Middle Bay lighthouse.

We reached the Gulf Intercostal Waterway about 100pm

 Then stopped for lunch at LULU's
I only took one picture because I forgot to take the camera off the boat. This picture was taken as we left the dock at LuLu's. LULU is Jimmy Buffett's sister. I ate a cheeseburger in paradise, Bill had a burrito. The whole place was bright colors, white sand and happy music a playground for adults and kids. I did get a Tee shirt.
LULU's on the right is a bright pink building. 
We ended the day on Friday anchoring in Ingrams bayou.

This must be a promise from God for better things to come. I am ready.

The boat above is Tranquilo at anchor in Ingrams bayou, Paul and Judith are buddy boating with us for this part of the trip. We played cards and planned the next part of the trip. I put the dinghy in the water and transported them from their boat to ours in the dark I tried not to think about what might be in the water but I can paddle really fast if I want to. 



White sand beaches, beautiful homes line the intercoastal waterway then, we see our first barrier island.

Bill is looking out to sea as we reach the gap and our first look at the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida Light House.
This little house is on one of the barrier islands it would kinda be fun to live there. 
We arrived at Pensacola - Palafox Marina it is so beautiful, there is a lot of history here but I will save it for the post tomorrow.
GOODNIGHT love ya, Joy

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