Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Navel Air Museum and Pensacola Light house

Bill listening to the tour guide give the history of the plane.
On December 4th Bill and I had the opportunity to visit the Naval Aviation Museum the place is very overwhelming with tons to see and do.
This area is about Vietnam with planes, helicopters and a display of how the POW's were treated the film had John McCain. I myself had to step out because its very sad and I could not handle the treatment those guys had to endure.
Bill looking inside a jet
this is the inside Bill was looking at
There were 3 C 1 30's on display they are sort of the kind Bill worked on in Vietnam but he was in the Airforce not the Navy. Bill Holzworth Sr. served in WW2  in the Navy. Jim Holzworth a cousin of Bill served in the Navy. I enjoyed the display of the WW1 and WW2  also the forgotten war Korea was on display, I tried to get pictures of all the displays but it was hard to catch all.

This is a retired C130 called Fat Albert used by the Blue Angels.

This is the WW1 display as you can see there is a lot to see.
Then we walked down the street and across where we toured the Pensacola Lighthouse

I climbed all 177 steps to the top and took pictures.
Here I am ready to climb 
a window about 50 stairs up I stopped 
This is the lens crystal and weighs 4 tons it is all electric now but in 1859 they used a flame light with kerosene. The tour guide Mary had a grandpa who worked here until 1953 he story was intriguing. 
She also told about the lighthouse being haunted by a woman who walks the catwalk.

This is a picture of the Blue Angles practicing I got this shot while I was at the top how exciting!
I have pictures of them landing and the taxi into the air base.
After descending from the lighthouse we walked to the beach area just down from the lighthouse this big tree looks like one that the grand-kids would love to climb the limbs are low and all spread out 
Bill wandering the beach .
Our walk on the beach was great I was so excited to see the water and waves. The sand is white, soft and hard to walk in. I took about 97 pictures today and all could not be posted on this short blog 

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