Sunday, December 2, 2012

Historic Pensacola

Proud Lady sitting in the Marina I took this picture before we started our aprox. 4 mile walk in the historic district of Pensecola
Fountain at the entrance to the pier.
Bill with boats in the background.
A clock downtown near the courthouse.
Bill by a Pelican honoring Air Force.
Here I am on the porch of a museum, they are closed on Sunday.
One of the oldest homes that is still standing in Pensacola.

This old home did not have a sign but Bill said it reminded him of his grandma.

This was built in the 1800's and is surrounded by park facing the bay it was simply beautiful.

Here I am in the park there area alot of artifacts and cannons relating back to the colonial war even mention of Andrew Jackson most of these are only foundations now.
Bill by an Old Train near the museum of commerace.
About 530 we took a walk around the pier and tried to capture some of the Christmas lights.
Bill spotted an allagator it jumped off the bank near the pier, swam around hissing at us then dove under we tried to get closer but we could not find him all we wanted was to take his picture this is our first allagator spotting.
It has been a beautiful Sunday but our feet hurt and we are ready for lunch.

This tree has ferns growing from its branches it is simply beautiful!

The End 

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