Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just thinking.....

Monday evening we took a walk around the pier these birds posed for pictures. I think they want food. preferably fish if they could get it. 

The sunset is beautiful there are a couple of dolphins playing in the harbor. They would not stay still enough for their picture.

 It looks like it might rain.
Pensacola dressed in her evening lights.

Bill and I had a very calm day but actually he worked on the generator we would like to anchor out more but   the generator quit and we have learned we are addicted to electricity, food, coffee, heat if its cold, fans if its too warm you know all the comforts. Well anyway it was a beautiful Monday I cleaned, sat on the back deck in the sun and read a book. Bill and the dock master searched for parts, then he changed the impeller thought it might work but no success so a mechanic was called we are waiting on him to arrive. His appointment is made for Tuesday in the afternoon. We have all the comforts and are surrounded by beautiful scenery as long as we are plugged into electricity here at this pier. At noon we walked to the post office in Pensacola to mail a story I wrote for the grand-kids to go with their Christmas gifts, then stopped at a little sidewalk cafe and ate Greek food. It was awesome! With our tummy full we walked back to the boat. What more could we want? We are trying to make the decision where to go next. Tuesday, we will tour the Air museum and may do some shopping. One thing about boating there is always something to repair, fix or clean. Back at Dog River we had bottom paint so she would be ready for salt water and the engines worked on they are running better than ever. Proud lady is an elderly woman so she take a lot of TLC. Bill and I are leery of starting across the Gulf of Mexico without the generator it is important, unless we rough it. Our other options would be to install a big inverter to run small appliances or we could buy a grill and have campfire cooking. Our repairs and decisions will not stop our trip, just thinking. We started this trip debt free would love to stay that way. New boats have just as many repairs maintenance and problems so that option is out. We have looper friends with engines broke down their boat is new. Another looper friend with a new boat had water seeping between the hull and had to be drained and repaired. Proud Lady may be older but she is proving to be seaworthy. Well anyway just thinkin'. Bill and I are so blessed we have so much to be thankful for those are the things we should be thinkin' on. Love ya, JOY

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