Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bikes and Alligators

Bill and I started our day out visiting the Saturday market it is an open air market with fresh veggies, food, music, crafts and lots and lots and lots. You can really tell that these folks have worked hard all week to prepare for this market. Kathryn from "Next to Me"  said, "we have been to a lot of markets and this one is the best". Katheryn and Bob are about 90 percent completed then they will be finished.  

When we had purchased the goods we wanted we went back to the boat to put them away and Bill and I headed out to rent our bikes for the day.
Bill in front of the bike shack. you can rent any kind of bile from regular cruising bikes to 4 wheel surrey. Bill is walking his bike to the palm tree for a picture. 

Here we are ready to roll.
We rode 4 1/2 mile to Boyd Hill nature preserve its very rustic and most of the animals are free to roam around.
Beautiful swampy area with lilly pads

Lake Maggorie

A little black lizzard with spots on his back.

Bob and Katheryn in search of alligators.

 sculpture of a pelican

a swampy black turtle pond

armidillo made of car parts

ME at the butterfly garden

there are lots of blooms and butterflys

And finally here he is! We seen 2 of them sunning themselves near the bank of the lake.
What an awesome day!
We rode the 4 1/2 miles back to the bay area near the marina and ate at " The Moon Under Water, great food with any variety or culture you like, the place must be good its crowded .
There were a lot of events going on in St Pete's today, a regatta of sailboats from Good ol' boat,
Tampa Bay is a great place to sail according to the guide books. We seen hundreds of sailboats in the bay.
After such an exciting day we rested and the moon was full the night simply beautiful!
Oh yeah! and Becky called to check on us she told a story about  Molly, she is 2 she built herself a stage out of chairs and a bank that looks like a parking meter, just maybe she will be a singer someday. I hope Becky took pictures. Well I gotta go get my boat chores done so we can ride again. I will post more tomorrow. Love ya, JOY

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