Monday, January 21, 2013

We are off to see the beach

Here we are traveling on January 19 from Tarpon Spring to Clear water Beach
Katheryn from "Next to me'" took the picture from the helm of her boat.
While waiting for the tide to rise in the Anclote river so that we could get back to the GICW waterway we walked downtown to a craft show with Phyllis ans Buddy from "SEA N RED"
This is their little tug boat Buddy is removing his fenders and getting ready to leave Phillis is standing in the doorway taking pictures of us leaving.
Along our route a dolphin raced beside our boat jumping along side as we traveled.
We left Tarpon Spring at about 145 pm and arrived at 430 pm other Loopers met us at the dock to catch our ropes and help tie up. Then we gathered on the dock for docktails Mike and Gay on "Irish Attitude" and Don and Anita on "Limelight". We laughed and talked until about 715pm then, Bill and I went inside for dinner and showers we were exhausted. OH yeah, the starboard engine stopped again, this time we are getting the fuel polished. Polishing the fuel will clean the tank on the starboard side and remove the water and trash that may be causing the problems.
Sunday Morning after a good nights rest and hearty breakfast we walked to Clearwater beach, this is what the trip is about sand, surf and sun....? The sand is cold and there are clouds. But still its beautiful white soft sand and I am blessed to be here. I picked up a couple of shells. We met a couple from Canada taking their walk they said back home in their town its 21 below. They were so nice as they told about their travels.
The Beach at 1000am
Same beach at 400 pm the temperature is about 75 wind is chilly.
Clearwater Beach

Bill and I spent the afternoon just walking around the beach and the shops. We bought 1 tee-shirt, ate a pizza then walked along the pier at the looking at crafts and vendors, local artist gather with their goods and their talents for 4 hours every evening 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after sunset. 
After such a long walk we came back to the boat to plan the next leg of the trip and rest, it was nice.
I spent the evening watching t.v. (we have cable here) and Bill navigated to the next stop.  
Since I am the admiral I approved his decision. We have a good cruising window  for a couple of days before the next storm system comes in. Florida is beautiful, I prefer the natural side to the touristy side because I love to take pictures. 
A pelican sits on a piling at the back of our boat.
Proud Lady in her slip at Clearwater Marina.
Will write more later, Love Joy

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