Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tarpon Spring continues....

I think when I left off yesterdays blog I was going to explore Tarpon Spring.
I could not get Bill to go along for the walk but Buddy and Phyllis from Sea n Red, Anita from Lime Light and I sat out to walk to the "churches". 
Tarpon Spring is full of Greek tradition, history and intriguing diving celebrations and  it has sponge industry.
The first little church we stopped at was St Michaels' shrine.
This beautiful leaded stained glass of Michael the archangel
Michael the Chief angel going forth to was with the dragon Rev 12:7 and also mentioned frequently in the book of Daniel
Phillis from Sea n Red and Anita from Limelight lit a candle and said a little prayer for our all the boaters safe journey.
Then, we continued our walk along  paved brick streets to St Nicholas Greek Orthodox cathedral.
The inside was magnificent with crystal chandeliers, carved woodwork, stained glass and the smell of inside a church.
A priest was inside in his long black robe. Outside is a statue of the diver boy. On Jan. 6 the Epiphany the Tarponites gather for a celebration where young boys dive into the bay for a white cross thrown into the bay by a priest. The bay located across the street from the cathedral this celebration that represents to them the baptism of Jesus, the boy who brings up the cross is carried to the cathedral where the celebration continues.

Our little group then continues around the perimeter of the bay where beautiful old victorian homes are located, here is one of the homes.
This old building near to our marina we are staying has been abandoned and sits empty.
Tarpon Spring is known for its sponge industry.
Later that day Don and Anita on Limelight left to continue their cruise and meet up with friends from Irish Attitude Mike and Gay.
This is Bill, the captain of Catmandu up on his mast from the sailing vessell.

Later, Bill and I walked into the busy tourist area, shopped and ate lunch at MaMas 

I am looking forward to more stops like this one.....will write more later. Love You JOY

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