Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tarpon Spring

Hello all- guess you are wondering whats going on in Tarpon Spring...there is lots of things happening.
Our first day here we met up with Jim and Jan Holzworth
There are great Greek restaurants here and plenty of seafood.
We gathered in the evening with the crossing for victory dinner at Hellas. OOMPH!
The second day in Tarpon Spring I cleaned the outside of the boat while Bill changed the filters on the starboard engine, he could not get her running so by 500 pm we quit working and went to dock-tails.
Here is the group of women around the hot tub celebrating with Laura from "The Zone" on her up coming wedding.
She was given advise from other admirals about marriage, life and love.
Bill and the other captains sat at the tiki bar they enjoy talking about boats...go figure. Bill got advise on  what may be wrong with the engine and so on our 3rd day... He and I got the ol' girl running again. There was water, air and trash in the fuel lines and filters. Then, we rested until dinner. Dinner was at Rusty Belly's named for a grooper fish here in the bay.
Today is day 4 here in Tarpon Spring and we are looking forward to visiting the downtown, sponge docks and maybe a beach.... who knows. Tarpon Spring is beautiful it has a history of sponge diving and is mostly inhabited by Greek immigrants rich in their heritage. They have a huge bakery full of wonderful treats that Bill and I have indulged. Today I will explore. 
This is the view from our back deck. 
Darrell from Why Not cleaning his vessel.

Bill enjoying the view from the back deck and telling me something. 
Will try to post more tomorrow about this adventure and the town. Love, JOY


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