Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What to do when we are not cruising or working on the Boat

This is a banyan tree it is simply beautiful in its own rustic way. Bill and I saw several here in St. Petersburg, Florida. If you bring it closer and bigger you can see the roots twisting and turning, roots that grow upward and out of crevices out the trunk and limbs.
 Today we didn't ride bikes or clean but Bill planned and charted the next leg of our trip.
However, we did walk about 4 miles just to get holding tank cleaner/enzyme and deodorant.
Tuesday, we will have the holding tank emptied before we set out for the next cruise. Part of keeping america clean the waste goes into a tank it is removed by pumping out and disposed of properly.

The weather here is beautiful but I hear on the news and weather channel that there is a cold front moving in. This means we are hopefully in a safe harbor away from wind and waves when it arrives.
Any way today after we walked Bill and I stopped for pizza at the Wood Fire Pizza place, the pizza was awesome very simple thin crust not greasy or messy simple toppings of caramelized onions, spinach,  thin slices tomatoes and garlic baked in a wood fired oven. We walked back to the boat to rest. Bill then completed entering the way points into the Garmin and I swept and mopped the salon, the salon is our main living cooking and sitting area. The fly bridge is another sitting area we use a lot its like having a sun porch on the boat, the fly bridge also has good views for all around.
 We have had some great days with friends, talking eating and sharing the adventure but tonight we rested. after a simple supper of grilled chicken and new green beans and potatoes, we watched old sit coms on T.V., and read, these kind of nights are just as nice as being busy with friends. I think it was much needed. 
Today we head out again on our adventure. I will take more pictures, enjoy more sights of Florida. 
Before I go I will share with you a recipe for lasagna soup. Make it in the crock pot serve with crusty warm bread, or salad, and if you like a glass of red wine.

Lasagna soup

1 -large 32 ounce  box of Swanson broth chicken or beef
1 box of Hamburger Helper, lasagna 
1 pound browned ground beef or if you want use ground turkey
Add  a favorite vegetables like Italian green beans, onion, red pepper, zucinni to make it colorful
2 cups water if more liquid is needed
Do not add the noodles until about 30 minutes before serving as they cook fast and become gummy if overcooked.
Its a good tasty fast meal and gets rave reviews and its so easy esp. if your day is busy and you can do it on the stove or crockpot.

Well I have to get busy because we cruise again will write more tomorrow...Love ya all, JOY

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