Monday, January 14, 2013

Hard Rock Night....Jan 11,2013

For those of you reading this and know about and have seen pictures of the map and route of the Great Loop that this is a crucial milestone in our adventure..

This is our story of the hard rock night.

The group gathered and planned the trip for 3 days watching the weather, wind and waves.
Ross ans Laura from the Zone they are getting hitched on Jan. 22nd
Don and Anita on Limelight provisioning for the crossing while in Carrabelle.

Laura from The Zone

This is Lisa from Why Not she is awesome she and Darrell have done a lot of research and planning in preparing for this crossing. 
More discussion and planning the trip. Phyllis from Sea-N-Red, Beverly from Sea Dog
Bob and Kathryn on "Next to Me", They are an awesome couple Kathryn docks the boat that is amazing to me.  

Sunrise on the Gulf nearing Tarpon Spring, Florida. The Zone in at the left of the sun the other boat off in the distance are Sareanna, Limelight, Why Not, Sea Dog.
Sea Dog eventually broke off and headed south to another destination.

Sea- N- Red staying close behind us they were the last boat but important because they made sure no one was left behind and they have updated important electronic equipment on board enabling the flotilla to be seen by bigger boats called AIS automatic identification signal. 

Bill and I started out 4th in position in the flotilla but due to the starboard engine malfunction we ended 6th in line of 7 other boats because our starboard engine stopped.about 430 am.
Here is the whole story....
Proud Lady left Carabelle at about 330pm with a flotilla of 9 boats Sareanna in the lead. By 530 pm I got sick even though I took great care in taking anti nausea medications, ginger and had my wrist band on however this left Bill alone at the helm. Bill is my hero he single handed conquered the sea! WITHOUT an auto pilot he is awesome. 
By 430 am I was feeling a little better then, Proud lady's starboard engine STOPPED. Poor ol' Bill had to leave the helm run below and check the engine. THIS LEFT NO ONE UP THERE !  The other boats surrounded Proud Lady until Bill returned to the helm with a report to proceed. Then again, the starboard engine stopped Bill returned below to shut off the alarms and continued on propelled only by the port side engine.
By 630 am I was able to get up to the fly-bridge and take over for the last few hours. We encountered crab pots and dolphins. The sunrise was beautiful and the sea quiet.
For a great account of the terrific crossing see Darrel Grobs link at 
                           Darrell wrote a great account of the crossing with very good pictures. I could'nt have said it any better.
Will Post more later ....Love, JOY

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