Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blue sky and Sunshine

Hello! from St. Petersburg, Florida
After cleaning the boat and laundry there was much exploring to do.
There is all kinds of adventures in St. Petersburg in walking distance from the marina.
First day we rode the trolley and explored the city, kinda got the lay of the land.
Then Bill and I explored the museum.
There are street vendors on most corners.....
SO! First time ever we bought hotdogs and sat under a palm tree listening to 50's and 60's music on the side of the bay.
This was the view during lunch.

2nd day St Pete. about a .05 mile from the marina The Titanic exibit and Dali museum.

Our visit to the Titanic exhibit. It was great! Not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit so you get to see us.
Across the street from the exhibit is the airport. We ate lunch at the Hanger.
This was the view from the restaurant watching planes and boats Bill was in his element, he loves that stuff...
St Petersburg is full of parks, fountains, restaurants beaches and shopping.
After a nap and light supper we walked again about 0.5 mile, then joined Bob and Katheryn on "Next to me" to share the days adventures. The skys are beautiful blue and sun is warm. I am really enjoying our time here.
Check in again tomorrow because we plan to go to the farmers market then bike ride to a animal park about 4 miles you won't want to miss Ma Joy and Pa Bills adventure on bikes would you? That may be a sight to remember.
 Love ya, JOY 

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