Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Hog Wild Day!

Hello! Sunday we went hog wild on Pizza at Pizza Hut.

It was so good it had weeks since we ate pizza, I'm a good cook and we had plenty good food but this day was special.
We ordered 2 Large $10.00 each and will take the leftovers for supper and breakfast.


We left the docks early on Monday in a fog.
It was beautiful but cold.
Something was in the water up ahead. Bill asked, whats propelling that log?
But behold! When we got close it was not sticks or logs.
BUT hogs.
Praise God we did not hit them! They turned and swam back to the other shore.
Why would 7 pigs cross the river?
To get to the other side.
This part of the river twists and turns we had to stay alert all the time.
Another day over were were tired. Dropped our anchor bow and stern and slept soundly.


  1. Sorry I am so behind on your blood. Love your pictures and the blood.

  2. Sorry. Love your blog. Darn auto correct. Lol.