Saturday, November 17, 2012

The USS Drum, Fairhope and then lots of work

Before we toured the USS Drum Bill and I visited the aircraft display. This gentleman talking to Bill picked at Bill's brain about the aircraft on display. If you want to know more about them you will have to visit with Bill. We spent a lot of time inside with this man who has had a big hand in bringing the air craft and restoring them here in Mobile.
Bill sat aboard this helicopter.
Can you guess its history?
What important person also flew aboard?
If you guess what was the most important things needed to be aboard before it took flight?
So if you guess right then you knew it was a presidential helicopter for President Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
In the picture there are 2 cases that the guard is carrying can you guess what they are? The brown one is the codes for the bombs, the blue case and just as important was the make up case for Nancy.
The item that was always aboard sitting on the dash was.......a jar of black jelly beans.

The USS Drum

Its a day we will not soon forget. In the next Blog we visit the Vietnam memorial.
You won't want to miss it!

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