Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31 Pickensville

 Leaving the anchorage at Waverly recreation area it was a peaceful night, The day promises to be beautiful.

 The 2 pictures above are of the scenery between the locks our destination is Pirates Marina Cove just before Bevill lock.
 The Tom Bevill Visitor Center

Bill is on foot walking toward the visitor center. While here we will visit the snag boat Montgomery. 

We arrived early in the afternoon about 1pm to our destination Pirates cove Marina, after eating a light lunch we walked about 1 mile to the Tom Bevill visitor center near Pickensville, Alabama.
The picture below is a diagram of how we traveled down the Tenn Tom at each lock we are lowered to a lower elevation. There are 10 locks total we have done 8 of them. There are 2 more locks to go before we reach Mobile

 diagram inside the visitor center
Old train bridge- if you read the blog from October 30 we stayed at Waverly recreation area at anchor near and old railroad bridge I had taken a picture because I thought it was interesting  this picture above is the same bridge I found this picture in the Tom Bevill visitor Center.
See next blog for the snag boat Montgomery and more about the area. 
Love Ya JOY

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