Saturday, November 3, 2012

More about October 31 Pirates Cove Marina

October 31 here we are at Pirates Marina and there really is a pirate And guys he really has a gun and sword.. He lives with his wife the witch on a boat here in the cove.
Her hair is real. She braids it during the day when she is fishing.

Making the decision to stay another night here.

Well another thing happened. The generator quit. 
Do we stay and fix it or move on?
We stayed, we like the comfort of heat and air and we like home cooking.
Parts were ordered, Bill, the wonderful engineer he is will fix it.

More about the area!

Inside the visitors center I climbed to the top.
Bill rested and didn't climb.
Next Picture shows the outside of the visitors center.
side view
The next section is about the tour of the snag boat Montgomery.
This is one of the boilers. Bill was very interested in this.
This is a model of the snag boat.
Snag boats were used in cleaning out trees and sand and dirt.
The Montgomery was used in the Tenn Tom then it was taken to Florida in making the Okeechobee.
She was then brought back to Pickensville to retire.

The day was about over. The pirate and the witch had to go into town  to spook folks. Bill and I went back to Proud Lady made nachos and rested, tomorrow we will clean the boat and get her generator running again.

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  1. Nice pics. You run into some wonderful people on your journey. Love you.