Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 1 through the 3rd Tenn Tom Waterway

Next section of our trip will be on the Black warrior/Tenn Tom to Mobile I can hardly believe we are that close to Mobile, Alabama. In our estimation it will take us about 4 days as long as we don't have any problems.

Meanwhile here are some of the highlights from the river the last couple of days.

I guess it was my turn to drive because I did. Bill took some pictures of the River.
We have had some beautiful weather but its cold so we have our matching yellow sweatshirts, they are thick and warm, this picture above is some of the white banks along the waterway, Tenn Tom is one of Americas newest man made waterway. In May 1971 the Army Corps of Engineers and began digging, more dirt was moved than on the Panama canal. The Tenn tom was finished in 1985, so now we can cruise from the Tennessee river  to the Gulf coast 234 miles. Then from Demopolis Alabama to Mobile on the Black warrior 217 miles. A total of 450 miles to reach the ocean.
This picture is a typical scene on the river. Very quiet, birds chirping an occasional fishing boat just peaceful.
We rounded a bend in the river to see this spectacular sight in the pictures below.
These white cliffs were awesome!
Even though this is a man made canal, God sure had his hand in the artistry. WOW!
Then behold the Spanish moss begins.
I will write more in the next Blog.
Love Joy


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  1. Those Cliffs are beautiful. Sounds like it is a wonderful trip. Be safe. Love you. Angie