Sunday, November 4, 2012

Continuing November 1 to 3rd

Pictures of the trip from Pirates cove to Demopolis

Bill and I were so excited to know we were close to our destination on November 3rd. Like I said before, ya have to go marker to marker and this is one of our major MARKERS, Whoo Hoo!
Saturday, another cold day on the water, but by the end of the day it got so warm we had to change to shorts and turn the air conditioner on I'm lovin' it!.
Inside Heflin Lock.
The doors open and we are off! Heading south to Demopolis.
This is someones beautiful home along the banks of the Tenn Tom. It would be a good place to live.
By the end of the day we were tired, but we had a fair dinner at the restaurant in Demopolis Yacht harbor, then did 4 loads laundry, had good hot showers and are ready for rest. I'm so glad it's Sunday. All that is left to do is buy groceries for the next part of the trip and hearing from family by phone. We will have the courtesy car this afternoon for the trip into WALMART and Pizza Hut. Thank You Lord for our day of rest.


  1. Very pretty pics. The house would be perfect to live in. Love ya. Amgie

  2. Hi Joy & Bill,
    What an amazing trip you are having...makes me excited to get back on the boat! lol
    Jerry and my brother Tim are picking up the boat at Aqua Harbor on November 19th. My sis in law Robyn and I will be dropping them off at the boat and then heading by car to Mobile Alabama. We will be staying for a week at a condo on Dolphin Island. During that week I plan on tracking you and Bill down to visit at whatever marina you happen to be at.... :)
    This blog is so nice, I love your pics and comments, will try to do one myself, but may need your help.
    Have Fun!! It's GREAT to see you faces~
    You are so CUTE Joy!
    LueAnn & Jerry