Thursday, November 15, 2012

Touring the USS Alabama in Mobile

Let me begin this blog by saying that this blog is dedicated to our father's, brothers and in laws who served in the armed forces. The setting for this is blog is from WW2 1941-1945 Battleship Alabama she now sets in a harbor in Mobile Alabama. The Picture above is of my father Denver L. Rauls He served Army Air force as a Sargent He did not serve in WW2 . Denver Leo Rauls served from 1948-1951 Korean conflict.  So... Bill Holzworth SR served in WW2 on the USS Midas. This is to honor those who served.
                                                       William Holzworth Sr 1942-1945- NAVY
                                                Bill standing in front of the visitors center.

Just for you Dick Tohlan we climbed to the top all 8 levels that were allowed.
The day turned out to be clear and sunny. We toured this whole ship. Wm. Holzworth Sr. worked as a machinist mate for similar vessels. The ship he was stationed on was called the USS Midas.
Since the Alabama was a battleship these are her victory marks.
This is a pictur of her many guns. There was not much room to move inside the place where the gunman sat. I'm pretty sure the men had to stay in shape and be strong and thin. Bill noticed there was not as much cover from enemy fire as we would have been comfortable with. Theses guys had to be very brave to endure these situations.
This sign says: 
Battleship USS Alabama commissioned August 16, 1942 she is 311 feet long has a beam of 27 feet. Her crew consisted of 127 officers and about 2500 men aboard. She could do 15 knots. Her Guns 9 -16 inch 45 cal accurate to 21 miles. 20 - 5 inch 38 cal. 48- 40mm guns.and  52- 20mm guns.
Then Bill and I toured the submarine USS Drum
If we thought the space inside the Battleship was small the sub was even smaller very tight quarters.
there are even bunks on the torpedoes.
Here I am crawling through a hatch.
See next post for more pictures of the sub and our adventure for November 14.
Love yas Joy

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