Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You are never alone. Go marker to marker.

This is the front moving away on Sunday and a promise of better weather for Monday Oct 29th.
I like when we get promises like that. Gods word is filled with those kind of promises,too. "Red sunset at night a sailors delight", paraphrased by Joy. 
Our friends from the boat Sea Sea gave us this advice before they left us. Just remember you are never alone and travel marker to marker. Traveling down the Tenn tom may not be as scenic as some places we will and have seen but in itself there is beauty and it is full of history. 
Scenes like the Natchez Trace once an Indian trail traveled by pioneers and early settlers.
This can be traveled by car nowadays. The Natchez is maintained by the national park service. By the way Indians did not have the luxury of having this bridge.
The Tenn Tom is about 280 foot wide and riddled with islands, cypress, stumps, water hyacinths, birds of all kinds the sounds are simply beautiful.

 This is an example of the locks we traveled with 6 to 8 other vessels daily.
Then on October 30 we decided to anchor out but made a tiny mistake in our navigation which turned out to be a blessing. You got it! Proud Lady grounded! But, the trusty near a Captain Bill was able to maneuver her back into the channel. WHEW! then we called to vessel Betty L owned by Bob and Madelyn from Sandwich, MA. near Cape Cod, told them of the near miss by grounding and traveled with them to Waverly recreation area. We anchored in a beautiful cove near a old railroad bridge and took our dingy into Waverly mansion.

If you read the previous blog you seen another couple towing us in our dingy that couple was from a catamaran sailing vessel, Ron and Jean. They were just being nice but we know we were slow and the other couples wanted to get there faster. LOL!
Notice how this old train bridge has a turn style to open the bridge. It is no longer in use but I thought it was so cool. There used to be a community here in the 1800's it was a cotton plantation owned by Col. Young, with store, cotton gin and docks, then left abandoned was restored in 1962 by the Snows. It is very interesting. I loved every minute.
A Huge magnolia tree. It must be beautiful in the spring. Trey, Brent and Julie would love to climb this.
Then, we three 3 couples dinged back to our boats. Bill and I made supper (we usually eat 2 meals a day breakfast and dinner) tonight we had Ozark succotash and hot chocolate. We listened to the news and prayed for the storm survivors.
Well, I will have to blog more later we are cruising down the Tenn Tom, Captain Bill at the wheel.
Love Ya, JOY

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