Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Gathering

In September before we left Kentucky, we had folks visit this is Bill's Bro in law and sister Penny from Texas
 WE had an awesome visit with Penny and Dick, good food and conversation about old times and new adventures. Dick had a friend from high school days who was also friend of the family visit at the boat, Bill and I took them out on the lake for a cruise.
Later in September My sister Pam and her husband Mark visited we had a cleaning day, and oil change. I don't have pictures of them on that day but we appriciated the help getting ready. Then I drove to Fredricktown Missouri to visit with my parents and family before our departure.
Beth, My mother Betty, and the grand kids playing on front porch at Mom and Dad Rauls.
You know the rest its posted on the blog up until...

October 19 Mail Call......we got mail!

It was like Christmas having our mail catch up we had not received mail since October 1st.
 October 20th Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama
Karen and Paul, Bill's 3rd  sister from Alabama visited on October 20, 1012 .  We at lunch at the beautiful lodge restraunt and wandered around the grounds visiting, Karen made some really good brownies.
 on Saturday October 20th we woke early excited about company coming and the upcoming Great Loop Rondezvous event, there was fog on the water.
Fog is common on the lakes and rivers here in Alabama.
 Proud Lady sitting alone in the marina it was very peaceful.
Behind Proud Lady the sun sets as it highlights a most beautiful hill. As other loopers gathered she no longer sat alone in the slips, we were surrounded by many boats that are in different stages of the GREAT LOOP.
Later that evening Donna and Larry visited, we had met them up in Kentucky at Kentucky Dam Marina. Larry and Donna are planning to do the Loop in 2013 so we walked the docks and looked at the different dinghy davits, Here is Bill, Larry and the Captain of PRIME TIME discussing the davit he re worked the davit to fit his needs. Larry and Donna has dogs so they are looking for ways to get the dogs and their dinghy to work.
We had dinner with Larry and Donna in the town of Rodgersville, Alabama. They left us with a bon voyage gift, we have so many snacks and drink to last a good way. What a wonderful day!

OCTOBER 21, 2012

Today was registration for the rendezvous. As you can see Proud Lady is sitting among the many many boats.

OCTOBER 22, 2012

Bill and I enjoyed the seminars and the food, days begn at 830am and ended at 900pm

October 24th 2012

after the seminar on Tuesday....we traveled by school bus to a party, the band KGB played country, bluegrass, rock, Elvis, oldies

 Bill singing along.
 Smoking an Ol stogie
Bill and the mayor talking  about cigars.

this video is of the band playing "SWEET HOME ALABAMA" and the mayor of the city of Rodgersville with his beautiful wife dancing.
The setting of this event was at a georgeous bed and breakfast 1/2 mileout of town in Rodgersville, Alabama. It was simply beautiful with antiques and such....We had a great time. Check back I will tell more about the week in Joe Wheeler...Love ya,  JOY




  1. I am so surprised that no one commented that MOM and Bill partied! Whats up with this?

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Hope the effects of hurricane Sandy isn't causing you problems. You deserve to get out and party once and a while. Lol. Enjoy reading about your journey. Safe sailing. Love you. Angie