Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tenn Tom Waterway from Iuka, Mississippi

Hello friends and family...Mom and Dad and all our kids, We are having a good time cruising down the Tenn Tom. Sunday October 28 we followed the other cruisers into the divide cut and onto the waterway. Most of the scenery is swampy rustic but beautiful. We are locking through 3 locks daily. There are a total of 12 locks on the Tenn Tom waterway. Bill and I are learning the hard way to stay with the other boaters. (That story can wait for another time.) Today we visited Waverly Mansion
The Mansion and grounds are beautiful well worth the trip.
We dinged  into the park with other folks.Here is a picture of Ron and Jean towing us while the other folks, rowed their boat to the park. Then we walked to the mansion for the tour. SO fun!
The weather is beautiful but cold at night then it warms up during the day. I cannot wait to tell more but we have poor internet connection. So please look in later for more adventures. Love, Joy

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