Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pickwick, Wilson, Wheeler

Today we locked through from Pickwick lake in Florence up to Wheeler Lake in Rodgersville Alabama. Here's how the story unfolds...
Florence Harbor in Alabama, we stayed here 2 nights not very eventful they have a beautiful harbor. We met a wonderful couple Bob and Ann on Sandpiper who are veterans at doing this Great Loop trip. We shared the courtsy care at Florence Harbor to eat supper downtown Florence at a place called Rigatonies it was a wonderful meal(but, I love italian food). During our visit we decided to hook up with them to lock through teh locks. Bob is an awesome captain and lead. Ann is wonderful at being the admiral.
Sunday Morning October 14 2012. There is 5 days before the Great looper meet at Joe Wheeler. This is the first part of our adventure. Our first lock was Pickwick which I posted on earlier in teh month. Today we will go through 2 Wilson and Wheeler.
Sandpiper aproching Wilson lock. they took port we were on starboard.
A water fall on the outside of the Lock.
Inside the Lock. I will post more pictures tomorrow ....It hss been an exciting dsy!


  1. Going through the locks must be so exciting. Never get tired of looking at your pics. Do you have a folder somewhere you send all your pics to? That would be nice to follow you by the pics. Safe sailing. Love you.

  2. Keep it up. I am following the blog