Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Sail Away Lady Sail Away"

There is a song I heard at a old time music festival that says sail away lady sail away ...if I die in tennessee send my bone back home to me sail away lady sail away...
Sunrise on October 3rd at Paris Landing Bill and I had so much fun the first 2 days we were exausted but we had a great time crusing to the next anchorage. There is a bridge that leads to nowhere. An abandoned mill. A ferry boat that was hauling folks across. Beautiful homes along the shoreline and lots and lots of rocks and trees. Trees in the middle of the lake.
The anchorage mm 106.5 was behind Rockport island it was beautiful and peaceful. It had deep cool water. It took me about 45 minutes to set the anchor. Then we ate a bowl of chile while we watched a tow with 15 barges go down the river. I took about 65 pictures throughout the day they will not all fit in the blog of rocks, trees and hills its so beautiful. God made beautiful country didn't he? OCTOBER 4 2012 Got up very early, cleaned the boat made and nice breakfast then headed up the river we may stay the night in a marina we will see........

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