Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hills are wrapped in happiness!

Psalms 65 says, v9 You visit the earth and saturate it with water; You greatly enrich it; the river of God of God is full of water.....v12 the hills wrap themselves with joy. That passage is so beautiful it fit this time in our lives October 4, 2012.
This is the sunrise Oct 4 from the beautiful bay we were anchored in on night Oct 3rd. I tryed to tell of the peaceful, beautiful look and feel of this anchorage but my words would not describe it. We left the Bay about 08:15am heading to a next anchorage. The entrance to the cove behind Rockport island is tricky bottom line we learned from that departure experience is to use the same track that we used getting in there. Proud lady kicked up mud at the entrance Bill had to back away twice then returned to the original track on the GPS where we entered to leave that bay. We made it and was on our way down the river.
During this part of the trip we passed, dredges, trees with long roots into the water and beautiful homes along the river. Here is 2 homes that look like lighthouses.
This next sight was a marina on the river I thought was cute, called Mermaid Marina.
I'll end this blog with a picture of a picture of the river as it narrows and the rolling hills so that hopefull you can enjoy some of the beauty and spendor and truely say, The hills are clothed, wrapped or girded with joy Psamls 65 v6 "Who by your might founded the mountains being girded with power."

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