Sunday, October 7, 2012


October 6 My Birthday started out so beautiful. Bill and I ate breakfast at the Clifton Marina and started our journey at 0930a. Most of the morning was uneventful, sights were beautiful fall foliage, and georgeous homes on top of the rising cliffs.
Our first near clamity was about mm177 a cruiser passed us going fast and caused a wake that rearranged the furniture in the flybridge. All was set back to normal. THEN another boat called out to pass, which is the right polite way to pass but we didnt turn into the wake fast enough and again rearranged the furnature. Somewhere near mm 180's we passed a dredge no problems all was calm.
Worth the day this mansion along the river right after a highway bridge near Savanna, Tennessee. About 230-300pm clouds gathered, Bill and I discussed weather to anchor or go on to Grand Harbor or Aqua harbor for the night. From the Skipper BOB book we read of an anchorage behind Diamond Island. Thats was decided our destination for the night. We arrived behind Diamond Island next near clamity we tried 4 times to get the anchor to set all the while trying to avoid snags in the river, wind and strong current. Finally it set, generator turned on. By 430pm we were eating chicken and cranberry sandwhiches. I was so cold wet and tired that I changed into my jogging pants and shirt. Plugged up the electric blanket and snuggled down to warm up this was the first night I felt like crying and wanting to go home. WHERE IS HOME? Hot Chocolate and a movie works wonders...I got up did dishes cleaned the kitchen and checked our position again, and again and again. Between 730p and 800pm a light shone in the back window so I got up to look, there was a heavy fog but eriely so beautiful coming off the water. I watched a while then woke Bill up, he had fallen to sleep early. SURE enough there is a tow coming toward us. Bill called on the redio the tow captain spotted us and said we were well out of the way. Who knew they would be coming this way? All was well. Settled down under the blankets generator off. Anchor light have been on long before sundown BUT, I'm not sure so I get up to check lights and position just in case the anchor let go, it did not so I try to rest again. A thunderstorm wind and rain, people talking on the radio...Oh MY! I finally fell asleep then Bill could not sleep. Hope today Oct 7th is better, after all its Sunday and we have a lock to go through my first one.

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  1. A couple bumps on the water won't diminish the joys of the journey. Love you.